who we are

We’re based in rural Bedfordshire amongst the sheep and cows (literally), but don’t let that fool you, we’re far from being a sleepy backwater company.  With many years experience under our belts we’ve still got our passion for fundraising and are continually on the hunt for innovative and creative solutions for all the sectors data problems.

Julie – julie.pitt@ptgbusiness.co.uk

I’m racking up the time now so it must be nearly 20 years that I’ve worked as the resident Nerd, wrangling data for charities. Before that  I worked in admin across a variety of sectors. PtG is my business – my baby. I set it up because as a single parent my daughter was due to start school, and I couldn’t commute into London any more. I know what it feels like to be awake at 4am worrying about one thing or another, but I also know how satisfying it is when we’ve done a good job, or something has gone really well. I want to help reduce the sleepless nights and increase the warm fuzzies from a job well done.

In other news, you’ll never be sure what colour my hair is, I cannot live without tea and I’m a Nerd to the core (think Star Wars and Lego).


Sarina gets a special mention. Coming back into work after a brief spell away, she’s embraced the excitement of working for different organisations, diagnosing the trickiest of data problems and unpicking complex data structures and reluctant integrations. Her knowledge of all things data is prodigious and she complements the existing skillset, with an equally impressive understanding of all types of fundraising, allowing us to offer the broadest service possible.

Sarina finds that her data problem solving is much enhanced by her awesome selection of necklaces and is a very willing participant in the tea drinking marathon held each day in the PtG office.


We value the relationships that exist between companies which is why we’re happy to share our list of local businesses who we work with on a regular basis:

Jet The Dog – Design
Jones Hunt – Accountancy
UK Changes – Data
Phillips Digital Print – Printing
De Novo Consultants – Business Management
Options Admin – Operational Support
digidoda – Web Design
Lesley Whiteman Social Media – Social Media Guru