The backbone of most businesses, Support covers a range of back-office services aimed at helping you run an efficient and effective operation. From the regular chores that need to be done, through to the weird and wonderful one-off projects that enable you to grow, develop or explore the opportunities available to you.


Diary management, email handling and secretarial services form the back bone of our outsourced admin. All the day-to-day stuff needs doing quickly and with the minimum of fuss, ensuring your business can function. We know it can be hard to quantify this type of work, so it’s best to think about this as an amount of time, rather than specific tasks.


Marketing sells your product and raises awareness of your business within your market place. PtG can provide tactical marketing support, management of small campaigns, copywriting and editing, protecting your brand and creating brand guidelines. We can also help you with your online presence, updating your social media platforms and managing content.


Good financial management is the key to a successful business. Setting up your accounting system, paying bills and helping to manage your VAT and tax all play a part in supporting the financial health of your business and help to manage your cash flow – the arch enemy of smaller businesses.

surprise us

We love a challenge, and add to that an element of surprise and you have the kind of projects that might come along regularly or just be a one-off. Managing suppliers, getting price comparisons, holding the fort while you are away, or helping you to bring to life your most creative, off-the-wall ideas.

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