Sometimes it can be hard to part with paper, but there’s only so much we can keep. If you have a low volume paper pile, we can take it off your hands and turn it into data – either directly onto your CRM or into whatever format you need.

on going

If you have an ongoing requirement such as returned mail, we can take the returns and capture the responses. We can also help design an appropriate process: define how supporter requests are interpreted, working out the next steps and advising on how to re-introduce them into your segmentation on a tailored re-engagement journey. All the things you need to make sure you don’t lose supporters.


Sometimes we need to make a little space or make more use of the data we have gone to so much effort to solicit. If you want data captured – from surveys and questionnaires to print ads or Gift Aid forms – we’ll do it for you. And to make it easier, we can input the data directly into your database or create import-ready files for you to use.

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