Making our business paperless is a nut we’ve yet to crack. In the meantime, we need to find ways of managing the paper that we generate. PtG can take any type of paper you have and data capture the information, in the format you need. And we don’t stop there!

We have response handling and data capture services designed to meet the needs of smaller organisations (or smaller projects for bigger organisations), either as a one-off or ongoing support.

response handling

Activities that generate responses are limitless, but they all have something in common; someone, somewhere will need to receive and sort the returns, data capture the information and in some cases respond. Whatever the requirement, we can create a bespoke process so that you can get the most from your campaigns.

data capture

Sometimes we need to make a little space or make more use of the data we have gone to so much effort to solicit. If you want data captured – from surveys and questionnaires to print ads or Gift Aid forms – we’ll do it for you. And to make it easier, we can input the data directly into your database, or create import-ready files for you to use.

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