What did you learn today?

by | Apr 13, 2015

I’m so lucky! And I genuinely mean that. Running my business is hard work, but how else would I get to meet such a variety of people, get to know about the range of issues they are championing from international aid (https://www.childrescuenepal.org/) to young people’s issues (http://www.ycareinternational.org/) to addiction (http://www.addaction.org.uk/)           .

These are all opportunities to learn something new and this is the one thing I genuinely love.

Learning something about something is one of life’s pleasures, so I’m always surprised when I’m part of a training session where people sit stony-faced or looking out of the window oblivious of the opportunity they are wasting.

Thursday saw me training seven people from one of my clients. The training was how to use their database, which for some was completely new and others a refresher. At the end of the day I was exhausted but the day had involved discussions about so much more than the dryness of adding data to a database.

And this is the key. All seven individuals contributed to the days’ lively deliberations. They asked questions, they answered questions, they posed problems that needed solving; the day was truly a collective effort. Everyone left with a feeling of a job well done. Everyone left knowing at least one more thing than they did at the beginning of the day.

Maybe our expectations of training are too high, creating a wall between us and the opportunities being offered by such an activity. Or we could just be very bad at recognising what we’ve achieved from our time. Perhaps we should get better at reflecting on what we’ve gained from any experience and measuring its value. Does a day spent training to learn one thing represent good value to us personally and/or our organisations? I can’t answer that, but I can tell you that if one thing allows you to re-engage a supporter and get a donation or provide good customer care that then goes on to generate repeat business, they yes, it was worth that time.

So, in future I think I’ll stop asking my daughter “What did you learn today?” and get her to start asking me.

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