The Return of the Luddite

by | Nov 14, 2016

The PtG team are always open to a bit of reflection and self-scrutiny. We’ve done quite a bit recently and one of the things we keep talking about is our adoption of back-to basics methods.

We are thriving in a market where our competitors are all focused on technology-heavy solutions. There’s nothing wrong with these, they meet and exceed the needs and expectations of many of the organisations in the sector, but what about those that need something more hands-on?

Our experience shows time and again that only so much can be done in an automated way, after that it needs manual handling. Why is this frowned upon?

There is another side to this argument as well; what happens when the automated solution just isn’t cost effective? Do we write off 80% of the sector because they just aren’t prepared to pay £x thousands to create an import interface for 1,000 or fewer regular gifts? Or a tool for selecting and segmenting 5,000 supporters for a cash appeal?

I guess it could be argued that PtG falls far behind in terms of the technology offering, but are proud to champion the underdog, the small fry and the lowly. To us, you are all heroes and always will be.

We firmly believe that there’s a need to both viewpoints. By ruling out the non-automated solutions you are consigning the bulk of charities to a continual struggle for survival, depriving them of the chance to grow. And that is just not fair.

If we get this right we could grow them to a point, using our luddite-methods then we could hand them over to one of our technology-based compadres to take them to the next level.
That sounds like a plan!

Until the time we can put this idea into practice, we’ll keep plugging away, trawling through rubbish data, reviewing gift aid declarations and putting the data world to right, one analogue, Luddite step at a time.

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