Raising the Stakes

by | Jan 9, 2017

Recently I’ve been quite vocal about my appreciation, nay fondness, for that little rascal we know as Raiser’s Edge. You’ve probably been planning some kind of intervention on the basis that I’m clearly of unsound mind, but it has its quirks admittedly, a bit like Mr Plug the Gap’s habit of returning from the pub and need to talk at me for an hour…or as long as I’ll let him, which doesn’t stop me from appreciating his good points. RE is no different, so I’ve thought of a few things that I particularly like and why. You may agree, you may not – let me know.

Remove blank address lines plug-in
Clearly for this to exist it’s a common problem. I find that 3rd parties are confused by the address line format of RE and will invariably leave trailing /n’s in the data. This plug-in will quickly sort out the blank lines created with the minimum of fuss.

Remove blank phones or phone types
On a similar theme, and really the same as above, for this to exist this must be a common problem. If you create a phone type of ‘delete’ it’s a great tool for cleaning up records: as you come across any duplicate phones or numbers that you don’t want, change the type to delete and get rid of them all in one go.

Table clean up
Two ways of achieving this, either in Config or by a plug-in. Either way it’s a really easy way of getting rid of unwanted table entries, for instance Merging UK, U.K. and United Kingdom.

Business Rules
Sometimes mistaken for annotations (which I don’t like), business rules, used properly, can be really powerful. All that is required is a little thought on how they should be used and what the hierarchy is to make these an incredibly useful tool for directing users in appropriate handling of specific records.

Limiting users to certain groups of records
We can all believe that one day we will reach the Nirvana state of a completely un-silo’d database, but until that happens (about the same time England win a major football tournament and the Kardashians denounce publicity), we have to accept that maybe it’s prudent to limit some users/teams to their records only.

Submitting Gift Aid claims to HMRC

This has got to be the daddy. I cannot emphasise how much I love this functionality of Raiser’s Edge. It’s accurate, speedy, easy to reconcile and yet I still have clients that refuse point blank to do it this way. They are wrong. I am right. But you are the client and I can’t force you…but come on guy’s, really?

I may do some more of my faves at another time but for now I shall leave you, with these.
From Import-o-Matic to the events module, if you’ve got something you love about Raiser’s Edge, don’t keep it to yourself; tell us. Tweet us @plugthegapltd or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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