People with Problems

by | Jul 10, 2017

We’ve been doing loads of work recently looking at how we promote PtG business and who we should market to. In true marketing speak we discussed the ‘…problems we are solving…’ but then had a brainwave. Everything we looked at kept talking about the business, and the problem the business had and how we could solve the problem for the business. Businesses don’t have problems, people do!

Each and every business is a living, breathing organism made up of people. The challenges that are faced, are faced by the people, so why does so much B2B marketing talk to the business?

The best, most successful marketing does talk to us as people. It might be why marketing consumer products is easier, the dialogue is already personal. If you can get through gatekeepers, apathy and lack of brand presence and talk to someone, personalities come to the fore and human nature kicks in, so the dialogue shifts to addressing the person not the business, but getting to this face-to-face stage is difficult.

How do we change our messages so that we start our dialogue addressing the individuals? Surely if we do this we stand a better chance of attracting new customers?

I’m sure we’re not the only ones facing this challenge. We’ve also spoken to a few marketing people who have left us feeling a little underwhelmed – in hindsight it seems none of them have had a good enough grasp of B2B marketing for smaller businesses, where brand awareness will be limited.

We don’t have the answer to solving this problem or how to change our messaging. Yet. But we are going to put some leg-work in and find ways of adjusting our messaging to talk to real, living and breathing people, rather than the organisation they work in.

So, if you, my readers, who I’m sure are people, have a challenge you need help resolving, from a mountain of receipts through an event that needs planning to some data that needs buying, give Julie or Charlie a call on 01462 713444. And if you are successful in finding a way of talking to people not businesses then share it with the world.  We’d certainly be interested in hearing how you cracked that nut.

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