Can you handle your postbag?

by | Sep 25, 2017

Now I have to confess that a lot of people won’t have any idea what response handling is, unless they are in the business of response handling or operate a business that deals with a high volume of incoming communication from customers – charities are a good example of this.

However, sometimes even small businesses have the need to handle a bigger-than-normal postbag. Let’s set the scene.

You’ve done a really successful exhibition at a major event location. You were handing out goodie bags, you had your best team engaging the through-flow of visitors. People were coming into your stand and were interested in your product. But a few days later, the “I would like a call from you” postcards, that were in the goodie bag, start coming in. You weren’t expecting this. What do you do?

The stock response is to panic. No skills or additional resource needed to adopt this reaction, but we can agree that it’s not really the best way forward. The more considered approach is to think about what you need to achieve. The responses need to be gathered up, they probably need to be data captured, each one might need to be assigned to one of your sales team and you might need someone to set up a day and time to visit or phone. In some cases you might need to send out additional items – for instance, if you’ve added an incentive to your call to action “Send this back within 5 days and you’ll get a pair of pants as a thank you”. Have you got enough pants and who will send them out?

If you don’t manage this – even if the size of the response takes you by surprise (you can’t promise pants without getting people’s attention!) – the negativity generated will damage your business.

So, if we’ve decided panic probably isn’t the best idea, what can you do?

PtG Business provide small volume response handling and data capture services. Using our example above, we would take the postcards, sort and data capture them, supply the pant-friendly packaging and despatch the pants forthwith, and we can also do the advance guard contact (by phone or email) to make those all-important appointments for your team to go and do their thing.

Within reason, we can do this at short notice. I say within reason because at the point you have hordes of angry people baying for blood and pants, banging on your door, it might be too late, but we could help you out with a few hours notice. And if you only want us to do one part of it – the data capture for instance – then that’s OK too. We’re happy to take the information you have and capture it however you want, be it onto a spreadsheet or directly onto your database. You decide how little or how much input you need from us and we’ll get straight on it.

With prices starting at £625 (excluding VAT) for capturing up to 250 items we can stop the pant rebellion in its tracks. Call Julie or Charlie on 01462 713444 to talk about how we can help you can to get a quote.


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