A pile of receipts

by | Jul 24, 2017

Do you see a pile of receipts and a backlog of unsent invoices?

Finance can be a pain for all small businesses. When you start out in your business and you’re the master of your own destiny, creating an invoice seems exciting. It has the wow moment, that feeling of “Look what I earned!” For months or even years you jog along happily, but then you start to build up your reputation, you get more referrals and slowly but surely your business grows. You have more meetings and you have more expenditure, all of which generates a receipt. You continue to collect these and religiously add them to your receipt box, but then one day you realise that you haven’t emptied it in weeks and the pile is starting to take over the corner of the office.

But this is OK, because it’s lower on your list of priorities than the invoices. You used to have this as your nice little Friday afternoon job, setting you up for the weekend, knowing how much you’d earned that week. You deserved to go out tonight and you shall be the belle of the ball (in the really nice shoes, pair number 54 in your collection).

This is so familiar for small business, and it really doesn’t take long for the receipts to build up or the invoicing to fall behind; and when that happens cash flow suffers and deadlines are missed.

We were looking at our own box of receipts, and realised what was needed, so PtG Business have come up with 3 bookkeeping support packages to meet all your needs*:

  • Start:
    If you’re just setting out on your small business journey and don’t know where to start we’ll help you set up timesheets, income and expenditure recording, invoicing and purchase orders.
  • Rescue:
    If the backlog has happened don’t fret. We’ll come along and tackle your receipts and get your invoicing (and your cash flow) back on track.
  • Improve:
    Everything’s in place but there’s got to be ways to make it more efficient? We’ll look at how you do things and suggest improvements then help you put them in place.*Terms and conditions apply

It’s never too bad, even though it might seem like it and whatever the situation we can help. We can take away your stress, provide an extra pair of hands or make you more efficient; all starting at £21 per hour for basic support.

We’re ready and waiting to administer tea and biscuits and to hear your tale of bookkeeping woe. So, when it becomes impossible to ignore the mountain of receipts call Charlie or Julie on 01462 713444 to talk about your own personal rescue plan, that’s if you can find the phone.

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